The timeline of Dash Health Consulting

  • Birth of Dash Health Consulting

    Inspired, Moments, Help others, Experts, Innovation, Create

    As many ideas this concept started out as Live 4 Life, a vision purely about living our fullest life in the moment and being present in that moment. It started out on the mountains of Colorado in 2003 as I was free to explore nature and my abilities on Copper Mountain Resort on a snowboard and a free man now as a Veteran of USAF. I had many blissful moments with friends, with nature, and had time to really think what inspired me and my true calling. After I realize what I wanted to help fix a system that was broken then we have to figure out how to get that passion and dream to realize into a business or action. It took me 15 years to find the solutions to vision of “The Team” to reality. With help from many mentors along the way we offer our clients the best products and services from HEALTH to WEALTH, I believe in the United States. The Team also offers a vast amount of opportunities to afford these products. It is a massive dream with a simple solution to educate and dominate the marketplace by helping others first and building with them as we all grow and improve. We are like NO ONE else in any industry and not one plan fits all as we offer private consults with experts. We all have gifts and knowledge and we must find the right key to open limitless possibilities. What started as a dream to help others has become a team of experts who will educate through seminars, webinars, consulting to bring total protection of one’s families, wealth, and health. This is a growing movement and now we also created and support CHILD CHARITY USA which is a beautiful acronym for Children, Health, Investment, Learning, Development. (CHILD) This is our way to help grades K-3 and older with education from wealth to health to make healthier and successful children into amazing stewards of our future. Please join us in helping the children by volunteering or donating. 90% of all proceeds reach the children directly with help and education. https://childcharityusa.com This is possible through experts in Health, Wellness Science, Innovative technologies, Finance, Insurance, Annuities, Wealth Building, Asset Protection, Legal Protection, I.D. Protection, Credit Restoration services, Mortgage services, Student Loan Refinance, Innovative products and technologies, Web Development, Online Marketing, Wine business, Pro Health Movement, Health Development, Health Education, how to cook, and how to eat your food as medicine. I can only do this with a team and if you are called to help sign up under volunteer and a consultant will get back to you on how you can join this movement. Opportunities are only for those ready with inspiration, dedication, and a fire to help people and find there calling in this life. We do not have any JOBS here only careers and entrepreneurs building local businesses. Who is inspired?
  • Our Goal

    Health, Nutrition, Change, Legacy, Build, Family, Inspire, Dominate

    I, Jeremy C. Hoort the owner of Dash Health Consulting is growing an inspired MISSION to educate and pave a path to better health, better nutrition, to protect ourselves in our whole life. To grow financially while optimizing health now to have a legacy and then build family trusts. In this process we all need more education and to grow daily then to share that knowledge with each other, family, friends, and even those we don’t know yet. This is a positive change movement for constant improvement of what we expect and what our actions are daily, weekly and lifetime. What is Dash Health Consulting? I am so glad you asked. DHC is complex growing movement but I will make it as simple as possible. It is a group of experts in their professional fields who have joined my vision of a better tomorrow from all aspects from HEALTH to WEALTH. We have assembled the best products in many different industries to change lives while also bringing opportunities to afford those products through part time and full time careers opportunities and new businesses. It took me 15 years of dreams and 2 building years to create DHC. I believe everyone wants the best for themselves and families but do we have to settle for what we can afford? Not if your inspired and not lazy. If I am going to ask you to create something special and legacy building with lasting generations into the future, I wanted a way for us all to build together as a team. I am forging relationships in business where I have never seen before because I believe it can be done. We have the TEAM and its time to disrupt some markets and help clients like never before. Come join us with inspiration and join our free seminars, webcasts, and become part of a positive movement that is much bigger than one man could ever handle and that is why it’s DHC. I truly believe if we focus on helping others reach their goals and inspiration we ourselves will also reach past our greatest dreams.
  • 06-01-2016

    Scott Jacobs

    Dash Health Consulting wants to welcome Scott Jacobs, Financial Adviser from Plan Member Securities Corporation as a valued member of our team to offer an array of investment portfolios, retirement planing, and insurance products to fit any need. Scott works hard to bring the best strategies for all his clients.

  • 01-01-2017

    Dash Health Consulting welcomes Legal Shield to the TEAM

  • 01-15-2017

    Dash Health Consulting welcomes I.D. Shield to the TEAM

  • 01-21-2017

    Joshua Trussel

    We want to welcome Joshua Trussel, recruiter to the DHC team. DHC is proud to be a team member with Joshua Trussel a financial expert at Western & Southern.

  • 02-01-2017

    DHC welcomes Direct Cellars wine to the product and business side with there amazing membership and quality wines. The refer three program offering members free wine is amazing also even offering income for sharing wine. Wow and why not?

  • Let's Fix That Credit Score!

    Dash Health Consulting welcomes Sterling Credit Group to the team. They are a full service credit team that does the job efficiently an much faster than others in the industry and with a 120 point average score increase. We are happy to be working with them to help people with there dreams of owning a house, car, boat, and just to raise that credit score to maximum amount. Everyone deserves great credit!

  • New Man Revolution

    New Man Revolution is exactly what DHC natural concept is and excited to offer Men's new shower option products. Body wash on natural steroids, well figuratively. We want to welcome Dale, Ryan, and Eric to DHC natural product line and we look forward to more great ideas from the NMR team.

  • People Helping People

    Dash Health Consulting would like to welcome People Helping People to the TEAM! Meagan Hoort as CEO of DHC and Team Builder at PHP and Patrick Carson as Lead Agent/Recruiter/Team Builder at PHP. In the short of it these professionals can help you help yourself, if you are dedicated and driven.

  • Science Based Wellness and Dr. Steven Nickels

    Dash Health Consulting is beyond excited to welcome new team member Dr. Steven Nickels and his business, Science Based Wellness. He is Board Certified Nutritional Physician and Chiropractic Physician. His mission to help people reach goals of new innovative, natural, and noninvasive health improvement by the most natural practices is directly aligned with DHC and CHILD Charity USA mission. We are very blessed to offer our clients the knowledge and services by referral of Science Based Wellness. I truly believe if he has the right way to stay healthy and or heal the body naturally and Dr. Nickels holds the keys to your health that is not common knowledge. He absolutely is your first step in being truly healthy and being able to track that health with amazing testing, correction, and retesting. We look forward to changing health in a positive, natural, and proactive lifestyle with Science Based Wellness here

  • Welcome ASEA

    DHC wants to welcome one of the most amazing new technology products in natural healthcare with the ASEA Redox Systems. We look forward to promoting healthy lives and balancing the body with the ASEA products wholesale platform.

  • Medi-Share

    We want to Welcome Medi-Share with Broker Jeremy C. Hoort who will be one of the first in the United States to be offering Medi-Share as a Group Benefit to individuals in the Employee Benefits market as a portable benefit to go with the client, not attached to the business. Lots of Americans have discovered Medi-Share, an affordable alternative to health insurance. Join hundreds of thousands of Christians who share each other’s medical bills. Let me tell you how you can become a part of this sharing community.

  • Welcome Innovative Financial Group

    Welcome Innovative Financial Group to the DHC team. We are happy to be working with a great company that has amazing financial and insurance products to help our clients at the highest level of professionalism. We look forward to helping secure, innovate, and change lives and find creative solutions to create financial freedom and working with the client at every stepping stone of progress.

  • Fitness Rebellion

    DHC wants to welcome Fitness Revolution Platform to the TEAM! I don't believe I could have ever imagined I would find a platform as passionate about fitness and health to match my passion about health and finance, while helping others first! We are pumped up with excitement to work along side Matthew DiBara & Matthew Wilbur (the two Matt's) in a mission to disrupt both of our own industries, dominate the marketplace, and help others live happy and healthy. There is nothing like either of our businesses in the NATION. We are both unique, we have the experts in all major fields, and we have the motivation to help the circle of life. We look forward to changing lives, bringing positive solutions to issues, and changing issues in this nation to something we are proud of with proactive solutions.

  • Welcome United-Healthcare with Medicare Overview and Circle of life Checkup

    DHC welcomes Medicare Review with options through United Healthcare, a top rated and long established provider of Medicare Supplements and other benefits. Meet with a broker online, over the phone, or in person for an appointment to find your best options and to start your official Circle of Life Checkup.

  • Welcome Virtual Financial Group

    DHC wants to welcome the home based dream, Virtual Financial Group. We strive to find the best businesses to partner with and bring the most amazing products and this one is unique. We are extremely excited to offer the online platform and virtual ability in all aspects of the industry of insurance. This is the technology agents dream, homemaker wealth builder, and a great fit to the DHC vision of helping others first. We look forward to growing with you in this amazing market space of online, and helping those who could not break into this market traditionally! What a game changer.

  • Welcome Freedom Equity Group

    DHC wants to welcome Freedom Equity Group and their amazing platform to the DHC Team. Tony Lannon was instrumental on making this vision come true, Thank you! We look forward to building Florida as a powerhouse to help so many families build legacies and recruit all those who are inspired with our similar vision to helps others first. Thank you and we look forward to dreams and inspiration for generations upon generations to build and protect legacies. Let the Dreams Start NOW!

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